To the Media!


I have been a blogger since March 2018. I started my blog as part of my English assignment when we were learning about Anne Franks. As part of my assignment, we had to keep a journal/diary for about 4 weeks. Since Anne Franks died before her book was published by her dad, Otto Anne never knew how her words influenced generations of teenagers like me.

My sister, Sharidyn started her first blog when she was 13 years old and like Anne, Sharidyn never knew how her blog influenced people. I wanted to understand how people would react to what I write, which is why I started my first blog. The reactions that I have received have been overwhelmingly positive. Since then, I have continued to write - not as regularly as I would like, but then my blog is still just a hobby - and a way to share a little about what interests me.

My blog posts are in both English and Norwegian - and relate to just about anything and everything that I am interested in, especially the posts about my sister, Sharidyn. I consider myself a hobby blogger, and do not receive payment for the articles/posts I write, which is also why my blog is free of advertisements. I am often contacted by companies who have asked if I could advertise their products, but have categorically said NO. 

Although my blog is public, I am still legally a minor. Journalists have to therefore ask my parents permission if referancing information found on my blog. I have my own lawyer, and have no problems taking legal action against any journalist that misuse what I write and publish. Why should you be allowed to profit commercially from my blog when I don't?

All my personal photos that I share on my blog are NOT PUBLIC PROPERTY. My photos belong to me and my family, and CAN NOT be used without my parents permission. Almost every single personal photo that I have published on my blog, has been edited from the original so that I can track if my photos end up in digital/papir publications (such as magazines, books, newspapers etc) without my/our consent. 

Please contact my dad if you have any questions.

Savannah S.B