Terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya

15-03-2021 9:30 pm

Friday 22nd of July 2011 is a very sad day in Norway’s history! It is the day that life for 77 families were forever changed.

Almost 10 years have passed, and almost every child born in Norway since July 2011 knows very little to next to nothing about the events that lead to the horrendous bombing of the Prime Minister’s office in Oslo and the brutal massacre on the island of Utøya.

On my blog, you will find my personal stories that I have written over the last three years. Some of my stories are a recap of interviews that I have done, some are extremely personal accounts told in my words about what me and my family have experienced since 2011. Nowhere will you find more information about my sister, me or the rest of my family. I share these stories publicly (with my parents’ permission) because my parents have taught my sister and I that we are the keepers of Sharidyns memories, and she lives on in us and everyone that was lucky to meet her.

Some of the articles on my blog are written in Norwegian, while others are written in English. If you are interested in any of the stories, google translate will give you a rough translation of what I have written.

Remembering the 77 victims of Norway's terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya (2011) Photo Credit: Unknown


29.04.2019 18:33


Savannah, the similar brutal crime that occurred in SAN Diego yesterday absolutely highlights your point. I’m in agreement with you and can’t express how truly talented, and honest these blogs are.

29.04.2019 19:58

Savannah S.B

Thank you Annah.