03-06-2020 8.30 pm

Sunndalsøra is a beautiful little town in the middle of Norway, and has a population of 3.963 people (per 2020).

My grandfather Brynjulf Svebakk, his parents Ottar and Dagny Svebakk, were from Sunndalsøra. My grandfather's very large extended family first settled in Sunndalsøra in 1918. My great-grandparents were married in Sunndalsøra, they lived their life there and are both buried in Hov cemetary.

My great-grandmother, Dagny (born Saltnes) was the youngest of her 11 siblings and the only child to be born in Sunndalsøra. Dagny's mother, Jørgine Pauline (born Karlsen) was originally from a little island called Hitra while her dad, Johan Edvard Petterson Saltnes was a north "Trønder" born in Bjugn in 1872. Johan and Jørgine were married in Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim (19-10-1900).

My great-grandfather, Ottar Erling Sigurd Svebach (born Strømsvåg) was the oldest of his 6 siblings. Both of Ottar's parents, Jørgen Olsen Strømsvåg and Johanna Strømsvåg (born Pedersdotter) were from Straumsnes

My mum and her three siblings - my aunty Vicki (mum's twin sister), my aunty Michal and uncle Nickolas have at some stage since 1995 all lived in Sunndalsøra. My mum moved from Mount Maunganui in New Zealand to Sunndalsøra in 1998, and lived there until she moved to Drammen in 2001.

Below is a photo of Saltnes-Svebach family. In the front row on the far left is my grandfather, Brynjulf and next to him is his grandfather - my great-great-grandfather, Johan Edvard. My great-grandfather, Ottar who was a hobby photographer (just like me) is the one behind the camera taking the photo.

Comment: I am still researching my family lineage with the help of my parents. I will eventually add more information as I learn more.

Photo of Saltnes-Svebach Family. Photo credit: O. Svebach

Photo of the town Sunndalsøra (2018) Photo credit: Unknown