Grand-dad singing with Sydney


A few days ago while we were visiting our grandparents, our grand-dad Ingvar heard Sydney singing Barn av regnbuen to herself, and asked Sydney: Can you sing that song? Seconds later our grand-dad started singing with Sydney.

This afternoon we decided to surprise our grand-parents with marzipan cake. We knew that they had already seen our article in the local newspaper, and were really proud of us.   Sydney and I really had an idea about singing with our grandfather since he likes to sing, and we knew that he would say yes. Our grandfather is a very kind man just like our dad, and we don't have to say much before he says yes to us. Asking him to sing Barn av regnbuen with Sydney while I filmed him, was one of those moments.

Seconds after I started filming Sydney and grand-dad singing, he suddenly stopped. When I looked at our beautiful grandfather, he was crying, and I stopped filming. Sometimes we forget that my grandfather has lived his long life of almost 88 years, and experienced more loss in his life than I have in mine. My grandparents have buried both their parents, grandparents, siblings and even worse their own son and grand-daughter, my sister. Grand-dad said that the worse than outliving his family, was having to bury his child and gandchild - and live the life that they should have had. My grand-dad remembers singing Barn av regnbuen with Sharidyn when she was little. After a few moments, our very brave grand-dad started singing with Sydney.

Please watch our video below, and if and when you do - notice how my grandfather changes one word at the end. If you know the song, maybe you'll notice what the word is. For our grandfather, he wishes for me and my sister that we too can grow old just like him.

Vi remember Sharidyn #rememberme

Vi glemmer aldri Sharidyn #viminnerdem

Grand-dad and Sharidyn (2010) Photo credit: O.R Bøhn

Our grandma and Sharidyn (2010) Photo credit: O.R Bøhn

Me and Sydney with our grandparents (2020) Photo credit: O.R Bøhn

Video: Bestefar synger med Sydney

Bestefar synger "Barn av regnbuen" med Sydney (2021) Video credit: S. Svebakk-Bøhn


14.06.2021 20:48

Heidi R. Oegema

Så fint det ble, det var en ny slutt som jeg aldri har hørt før fra bestefar, men det var veldig fint♥️☺️