Life in 2021

05-09-2021 6:30 pm

Alot has changed since I updated this part of my blog although my interests are relatively still the same. The covid-pandemic has had a huge impact on my life-choices, just like for others my age. If the pandemic wasn't enough of a challenge, my dad getting sick put an extra spanner in the works for our family, that we were in no way prepared for.

It has been en emotional roller coaster to watch our dad slowly decline from being physically active in all areas of our family life, to barely being able to get out of bed because he is exhausted from his treatments or in general just tired. I have learn't alot over the past year - about myself but especially how important my family is to me.

A few weeks ago, my mum sat me down to talk to me about the next-step! Next step? I had just started my second year of college, and it was time for the talk about where my journey was going to take me. Of course I had thought about what I wanted to do when I was finished college. University was the obvious next-step for me? Life is too short - plan for tomorrow but live today, has become my parents mantra.

In other words, my mum was telling me that I had options if I wanted to leave the proverbial door open for another pathway. I have considered the military just as my grandfather and father had done, or continuing on to university just like my mother (and evt my dad) did. Gap-year somewhere in the world is also another option. Having options is a luxury that I am completely aware of that scores of kids my age in other parts of the world don't have. Thankfully I don't have to make any decisions today.

Whatever I choose, I know that I have the amazing support of not only my parents but also my grandparents who are also an important part of my life. By this time next year, I expect that I have narrowed down my options and made a decision about where I will be by the time I am finished with my last year of college in 2023.

Until next time,

Savannah S.B

Together with my dad at Ypsilon in Drammen (2021) Photo credit: V. Svebakk

A little about me

10-03-2018 12:47 pm

Well I have finally done it, I have my own blog. Thanks to my parents for their help and support, particuarly in "hand-holding" as I attempted to put this rather simplified version of a blog together.

So, who am I? I am a teenager with a multi-cultural background. I was born in Drammen, Norway where I lived until I was almost 9 years of age, and have spent almost 3 of the last 4 years living overseas. I am the middle child of three sisters - my older sister being 7 years my senior and my younger sister, 6 years my junior. I love my family dearly and they are and will always be the foundation of however my world will look like in the future.

I am fluent in English and Norwegian although spelling and grammar are not my strongest qualities, and am at present learning Spanish which I am finding is alot harder than it sounds. I have dreamed of one day becoming a doctor since I was 6 years of age, and if my dreams do come true I hope to specialise in pediatrics, in other words a doctor for children. I love to read and try to read as many books as I can, whenever I can. I read both non fiction and fiction - but am mildly put fond of Manga. I proudly profess to being a nerd (which is nothing but positive) with interests that are more academic than not, but my academic interests are extremely hard work which I am dedicated to.

I am a self proclaimed non-sporty individual who loves all types of sports and have tried most sports more than once including competing in my first Tryathlon in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand at 11 years of age. Sounds impressive huh? Although I am very proud that I successfully completed my first triathalon at age 11 - to be honest, many of the kids that ran, swam and biked alongside of me, had been competing since they were 7-8 years old.

I love to travel and have travelled to some of the most beautiful countries in the world. Some of the countries that I have travelled to are: India, China, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Egypt, New Zealand, Australia, England, USA, Thailand (and whatever countries I may have forgotten).

So, that's a little about me. Drop me a line - if you want to recommend a book for me to read, or a country that you think my family and I should visit.

Til next time.

Savannah SB

Me (2016) Photo Credit: V.Svebakk