Cathrine Trønnes Lie: Sisters

04-04-2022 10:30 pm

Today I posted on my official facebook account, TV2 interview with Cathrine Trønnes Lie. Cathrine's youngest sister Victoria is one of my oldest and closest childhood friends.

On July 22nd 2011, Cathrine and her younger sister Elisabeth attended the Labour Party Youth Camp on Utøya just like my older sister Sharidyn. As devastating as our family's story is after losing my big sister Sharidyn, Cathrine's story is unfortunately just as heartbreaking as ours if not more.

I choose to write about my friends who are also siblings of the July 22 victims of Utøya-massacre like Cathrine and Lars Emil, because they are a beautiful reminder of how we all have moved forward into the future while carrying the memory of our siblings with us.

Cathrine and her co-author Mariangela Di Fiore at Union Scene in Drammen (2021) Photo credit: V. Svebakk

Cathrine and her co-author Mariangela Di Fiore when they won the Brager award for her book"Sisters" (2021) Photo credit: Private

Emeel's debut song: Remembering you!

14-01-2022 11:30 pm

Today (another) close friend of our family, Lars Emil Bergum released his debut song, Remembering you featuring Maren Emilie Kløven Lein. (From The Voice 2021)

Lars Emil's inspiration for Remembering you is his beautiful older sister, Lena Maria ❤ who was killed on Utøya 22nd July 2011.

Lars Emil is 23 years of age originally from Namsos, but now lives in Trondheim. He is currently studying Music Technology at NTNU. Lars Emil is extremely talented and even though Remembering you is his debut single, this is certainly not the first song that he has written and produced. Lars Emil is also known by his former artist name Kungen. My favourite is: Deserter - Freedom featuring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream" speech.

I feel extremely honoured that I can highlight yet again another up-and-coming Norwegian artist/music producer (and my friend) on my blog as well as my other social media platforms.

If you still haven't heard his song, here is your chance!

Lars Emil's official artist name is Emeel and you can find him on Spotify.

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Below is Emeel's official audio on Youtube!

Click here to read Lars Emil's interview (in Norwegian) with Namdalsavisa.

Wishing you all the best Lars Emil! Your music is amazing and I can't wait to see (and hear) what comes next!

Lars Emil (2021) Photo credit: L. Bergum

With one of Norway's up-and-coming artists, Lars Emil Bergum in Oslo (23-07-2021) Photo credit: V. Svebakk

Emeel - Remembering you (feat. Maren Emilie)

Video credit: Youtube/Distrokid

Lars Emil interview in Namdalsavisa (14-01-2022) Photo credit: Namdalsavisa

Othilie's debut song, Inspire Me


Have you heard Othilie's new song, Inspire me?

I feel very honoured to highlight on my blog Norway's up-and-coming artist, and family friend of ours,  Othilie Raaen Oegema. Othilie is a 18-year-old Norwegian singer and songwriter, from our hometown, Drammen.

Othilie recently released her amazing debut song, Inspire me on spotify. If you haven't heard of Othilie or her song, here is your chance. Othilie's song is awesome!

Watch Othilie's official video below!

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Wishing you all the best Othilie!

Othilie's debut song, Inspire me - Interview with DT (2021) Photo Credit: T. Sandberg/DT

Othilie - Inspire Me (Official Video)

Video credit: Youtube/Othilie

Othilie's debut song, Inspire me - Interview with DT (2021) Photo Credit: T. Sandberg/DT

Beautiful Othilie (2021) Photo credit: O. Raaen Oegema