Happy 23rd Birthday Sharidyn

17-07-2020 8.30 am

Every year we remember my sister and the day of her birth, regardless of where we are! Happiest and saddest day of our year - and doesn't begin to describe how painful it is for my parents, in particular for my mum. Every year she puts on a brave face (for herself and for us). But if you can be bothered to look close enough, the heartache of having lost a child she gave birth to and raised is easy to see. 

I am constantly in awe of my mother - she is the strongest and kindest person I know. I only wish that I could spare her for the pain that she feels every day she misses our big sister, Sharidyn. We miss Sharidyn still and probably always will - every single day. Some days we miss her even more, like her birthday.

Happy birthday Sharidyn!

Happy birthday Sharidyn (2020) Photo credit: S. Svebakk-Bøhn

Our beautiful sister, Sharidyn (2009) Photo credit: V. Svebakk

At Sharidyns grave (2020) Photo credit: S. Svebakk-Bøhn

Happy 22nd Birthday Sharidyn

I don't know what it is like to be a parent. My parents make it seem so easy, parenting that is but I'm sure that it's not. It is even harder for me to imagine what is must be like for my parents to wake up on Sharidyns birthday every year, while the world around them goes on as normal.

It is not a normal day - today is Sharidyns birthday. 22 years ago, Sharidyn was born in Palmerston North, in New Zealand. If she was here, we would have jumped up and down on her bed to wake her up, showered her with gifts and spoiled her with our love.

Today, like all of Sharidyns birthdays is an important day - because it is a reminder that my sister lived. Today is the day my mum gave birth to her firstborn daughter. So I'm going to hug my mum a little tighter today, and shower her with all the love that I know that she has in her heart for Sharidyn on this very special day.

Happy birthday to our big sister!


Happy 21st Birthday Sissi

17-07-2018 8.00 am

Today is my big sister, Sharidyns birthday. Today Sharidyn would have turned 21 years old. Today we should have surprised her with a bithday cake, balloons, presents and loads of love which rates at the top of our list in my family. But today there is none of the above - instead we will be celebrating my big sister at the foot of her grave.

Every year Sharidyns birthday rolls around, is a difficult day for my family. Since Sharidyn died, it has been our family tradition to do something that we know Sharidyn would have done. But this year, her birthday celebration will be a little different.

Follow here for an update about how my family and I honoured my sisters memory and celebrated her very special birthday.

Happy 21st birthday Sharidyn ❤❤❤❤


Happy 21st birthday Sissi (17-07-2018) Photo Credit: V.Svebakk

Photo from Sharidyns 18th birthday at her grave in Drammen (17-07-2015) Photo Credit: O.R Bøhn

Celebrating Sharidyn's birthday!

My sister, Sharidyn was born on July 17th, 1997 in Palmerston North in New Zealand. Like me (and probably most people in the world), Sharidyn loved celebrating her birthday and my parents loved celebrating her.

Since Sharidyn was born in New Zealand, her date of birth falls in the middle of New Zealand winter. After moving to Norway, Sharidyn's birthday is in the middle of the summer holidays in Norway, which is one of the reasons why Sharidyn almost always celebrated her birthday twice. Explains a little why she loved her birthdays. Who wouldn't?

We have grown up with celebrating Sharidyn's birth, just like our parents celebrate me and Sydney. Every year after Sharidyn was killed, it has been important to my parents to continue to celebrate Sharidyn's birthday. I can't imagine how painful it must be for my mum and dad. In a small way, it is our family's way of honouring Sharidyn's memory - by remembering her also on her birthday.


Me, Sharidyn and Sydney on her 13th birthday (2010) Photo credit: V. Svebakk